Arc of Change

We’ve talked to a lot of people over the past three months about the challenges enterprises face when migrating to new systems and processes.     Almost without exception, each conversation soon zeroed in on the problems associated with modernizing existing legacy systems, especially multi-tier applications that are split between multiple servers - the classic application, database and web tiers that are implemented separately but are highly dependent upon each other. [Read More]

Company Culture

One of my more popular tweets over the past couple years is this thought:     Company culture isn’t magic pixie dust that gets sprinkled on your startup when you get funded. It’s your character amplified thru the organization As a serial founder, I try hard to live this in the companies that I create. is no exception. My cofounder and I have integrated this philosophy into both our personal lives as well as the company. [Read More]


If you’ve followed me on twitter for any length of time, you know I have strongly held opinions on the lack of diversity in the tech industry.     Even ack’ing that the term ‘tech industry’ may be too encompassing, lacking specificity and thus accountability for a given company, it’s plainly visible that women, people of color and other under-represented groups continue to be disproportionately under-employed at technology companies. This is supported by the data. [Read More]

Tincup at Gluecon

At Gluecon last May, I spoke to Mike Maney of Maney Digital, a long time friend of multiple years. He’s followed my work for a while and I was delighted to participate in his video interview series.     In these two short videos - along with several other founders - I explain why I enjoy Gluecon and then briefly explain and how I came up with the idea. [Read More]

Use Cases

If you’re new to, you may not realize that it has a few distinct use cases.     The obvious one is migrating legacy servers. This is a first step toward refactoring legacy workloads off old, unsupported hardware and OSes.     This post details two more use cases that are less obvious. Developer Backups’s free Developer account allows you to make complete copies of any system you’re working on, including your own workstation. [Read More]


Welcome This is Tincup’s blog.     We’ll publish here with what we hope are useful posts about enterprise computing, operations and the role we see playing in supporting the migration to modern computing platforms.     If you have a topic you’d like to see covered here, please use the Contact form to let us know.     [Read More]