Clone to EC2

By John Minnihan

If you visited tincup at Gluecon, you know that we announced and demo’d something pretty neat - cloning a legacy server directly to an AWS EC2 AMI that you can then share with any AWS account member.


This capability makes it easy, fast and secure to begin legacy refactoring directly inside in the AWS infrastructure. This in turn allows enterprises to get a jumpstart on access controls using IAM roles, secure connections between AWS and your enterprise data center systems using VPC, and numerous other services that already work natively with EC2 instances.


To use this new feature, login to your tincup account and locate an image in your dashboard. There will be a new Clone to EC2 button in the actions for each image. Click that button and follow the on-page instructions. At the end of that process, you’ll have a bootable EC2 instance that’s been shared with the AWS account of your choosing.


This is super powerful and is the first of our direct-to-cloud-provider migrators. Look for more soon.