Company Culture

By John Minnihan

One of my more popular tweets over the past couple years is this thought:


Company culture isn’t magic pixie dust that gets sprinkled on your startup when you get funded. It’s your character amplified thru the organization

As a serial founder, I try hard to live this in the companies that I create. is no exception. My cofounder and I have integrated this philosophy into both our personal lives as well as the company. I recently made the 1% Pledge for the company.


We’re pledging to provide 1% of company time to be used for community or global service projects, at no charge to anyone. My cofounder already practices this in his personal life, with substantial local community volunteering.


I’ve done the random volunteering over the years - delivering Thanksgiving meals to the indigent, cleaning & rebuilding trails in Rocky Mountain National Park, and assuming leadership roles in scouting.


I’m taking my personal efforts to a new level with a recent commitment to visit prisons and mentor incarcerated Entrepreneurs in Training with Defy Ventures. I expect to make my first prison visit in February the first half of the year with a local group.


It isn’t magic pixie dust, but your culture can have a magical effect on the world.