Use Cases

By John Minnihan

If you’re new to, you may not realize that it has a few distinct use cases.


The obvious one is migrating legacy servers. This is a first step toward refactoring legacy workloads off old, unsupported hardware and OSes.


This post details two more use cases that are less obvious.

Developer Backups’s free Developer account allows you to make complete copies of any system you’re working on, including your own workstation. This provides you a true copy of your workstation that can be downloaded and run inside Virtualbox from anywhere in the world.


The ‘work from a beach’ cliche is tired, but you really can go anywhere, securely login to your account and be running an exact copy of your worksation in minutes.


Production Server Snapshots

If you’re been in Ops and have supported production servers for any length of time, you know that they change over time. These changes are almost never documented or under source control.


Sadly, you don’t find out how much a server has changed until there’s a DR-level outage and you’re tasked with recreating the failed server.


What was on it? Who knows.


This is a serious problem and it happens at hundreds of enterprises every day. Unless you have a complete backup of the entire system, you won’t be able to reproduce it.


Snapshots of VMs aren’t uncommon, but in our experience they’e limited to only a few directories, due to the disk space requirements involved. This leaves large parts of the disk that are either never or infrequently backed up and out of date with regard to the rest of the system.


Using, you can create snapshots of the entire disk, resulting in a 100% true and accurate copy of the boot volume (and soon, all volumes) so you can reproduce an exact copy of the server at any time .